Orthogem Limited is a UK based biomaterials company, with an intense focus on the discovery and development of advanced Synthetic Bone Graft (SBG) material.

Orthogem's ground breaking and patented Tripore technology platform has enabled the creation of a pipeline of SBGs formulated for a variety of clinical applications, ranging from spinal to oral cranial facial surgery.

Orthogem's unique Tripore multiporous structure achieves optimum bone remodelling through its enhanced osteoconductive and bioactive properties.

Orthogem is set apart from other SBG manufacturers by the quality and depth of its preclinical scientific data, demonstrating that its proprietary Tripore technology can deliver significantly superior results in comparison to other SBGs.

"Synthetic bone has been in use for twenty years and up until now failed to replace the surgeons' preference for Autograft, regardless of the associated morbidity and cost. Orthogem's new ground breaking technology has demonstrated that Tripore's performance is a new generation SBG that can convincingly challenge Autograft and all other key players in the SBG sector".
Dr. Wei-Jen Lo, Developer of Tripore


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